The Broken Drummers

The Broken Drummers is a London Discworld group. We meet once a month on the first Monday evening. We start at 7pm although there's usually a few who arrive early. Membership is free, just come along. New members and visitors to London welcome. There are also Broken Drummers groups in Australia.

What can you expect?

There is no entry fee. Ever

We welcome anyone and everyone who enjoys Sir Terry's works, or quite likes them or wants to find out more. We have had many visitors from overseas who have enjoyed themselves and made new friends. The discussions do not only concern the works of Sir Terry Pratchett but wander and meander through other genres and authors and also leaping to TV and Film production. We also find time for a quiz. The prize is superb. The chance to set the quiz the following month.

September 2014
So Drummers met Monday night. We had no quiz. What we had was lots of chat. I arrived to hear final snippets of a conversation that seemed to be about nerd eugenics. Disturbing stuff! At some point there was discussion of the Worzels and their penchant for agricultural machinery related innuendo. Alex wanted to know the etymology of the phrase "Top Hole!". No-one was sure but an online search suggested it might come from billiards. Barbara and I have both recently acquired Kindles and Larry gave much advice on their use. Meanwhile, Andrew, Sim and Eunice discussed RPGs. Tim and Ruth are rehearsing a new play and will send details. General chat continued until people decided to go home.
The Monkey Puzzle

The Monkey Puzzle is a pub just off Edgware Road. Despite its modern exterior, the Monkey Puzzle is a traditional pub. Staff are friendly and welcoming and the pub serves a range of tasty pub meals. 

The Monkey Puzzle is a few minutes walk from Paddington and Edgware Road stations (although beware the Bakerloo branch of Edgware Road station is a bit further away). The address is 30 Southwick Street, Sussex Gardens, W2 1JQ.

If you enter via the beer garden, you will find us at the opposite end of the pub. If you have any problems, the staff can direct you. For more information and a map see the Monkey Puzzle's website.